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Life can often be stressful and chaotic. This is true for anyone, regardless of their background or lifestyle. In times of crisis, people often find themselves pushed to the breaking point.

In such times, we rely on leaders to get us through to the other side. However, not everyone in a leadership position is endowed with the natural ability to lead in a crisis. We often find that during an emergency, it is the ordinary people that rise up to the occasion and save the day.

In this article we will share some tips for leading in a crisis situation.

Be Decisive

An emergency situation is no time to be vacillating and taking your sweet time to reach a decision. Individuals that carry great responsibility, yet have difficulty making decisions, place everyone in great danger.

During a crisis, the timing of the decision and the speediness with which it is implemented is often just as important as the decision itself. Great leaders are people who can make tough decisions in a very short period of time and tend not to go back and reverse their initial decision.


Excellent communication skills are vital to any type of leadership, especially during a crisis. A true leader knows how to talk to many different kinds of people, and will tailor their message to fit each individual.

Difficult times and emergencies require clear and concise communication to minimize the chance of misunderstanding. Misunderstandings tend to have a domino effect that can potentially compound a disaster. By having great communication skills, leaders can avoid such a situation.