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As more and more companies are forced to go remote, managers and supervisors of those office employees are left with the challenge of keeping their team connected. The office norms of team building might as well be labeled obsolete as many of those are simply not possible anymore. So, how can you keep your team connected while working from home? The following list includes a few of the best ways to not only keep people connected by seeing better results from it.


Virtual Breaks


Perhaps the first thing your staff is going to notice about remote work is the type of breaks they’re going to have. No longer will the office break room be the social gathering it once was. Not, most people might take their breaks on their own, which can be detrimental to the overall strength of the team. Instead, use this time to have virtual breaks with everyone. One rule you must ensure to put in place is a no talking about work rule. Take this time to have everyone talk about their favorite movie or even give you all a tour of their workspace.


Pep Talks are a Must!


When your team is working remotely, it can seem like they are doing all the work themselves. They no longer have that constant communication with their co-workers or manager to see if they are on the right track. This can quickly cause productivity and quality to lower as the weeks go by. As a business leader, you have to rally the troops every once in a while. Take the time to mention the good work being done and be specific as to who is doing the work.


Play Some Games!


Video games are a great team-building exercise and can be something the whole team can look forward to. Playing video games with your team can help build better communication skills and even allow those who may not speak daily to form a better bond. This type of collaborative work also provides your team with the reality of things failing and thus the importance of working together to get back on track. Note that the game chosen is something that everyone can both run on their computers and is easy to learn.