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Establishing a good work-life balance among employees starts with the leadership in your company. While people are trying to decide if they’re living to work or working to live they’re looking to the leadership within their company to see if their personal well-being matters to the company that they work for. Here are some tips for improving the work-life balance among your employees, improving their morale and your company’s productivity.

Listen to Employees

Simply asking your employees what they need can go a long way towards promoting a healthy work-life balance. While you may get some answers that just aren’t feasible to implement, you may also get some really good ideas that can be beneficial for everyone involved. Getting genuine responses as to what your staff needs will allow you to make the necessary changes that you hadn’t considered before. Part of being a great business leader is being a great problem solver.

Consider Remote Work

A lot of business leaders cringe when they hear about the idea of allowing some work to be completed remotely, but there are benefits for the company as well as the employee in this type of arrangement. Allowing employees a day or two a week to work from home can allow them to establish a better work-life balance, cause them to feel more valued and increase morale while lowering costs. While not every task can be completed from home, don’t be afraid to consider allowing some flexibility on this front.

Encourage Health

Any amount of Internet research will show you that there is a direct correlation between physical exercise and mental well-being. If your business is located in a larger building that has access to a fitness center or gym try to set up an agreement with the gym to allow your employees access to it. If not, contact a local fitness center and try to arrange something that will allow your employees the opportunity to work on their physical fitness.

Establishing a healthy work-life culture within your company begins with viewing your employees as more than just numbers in a computer system. Your employees will recognize that you value them and see them as important parts of the team and will begin to perform at a higher level.